Hello Guys i’ve been in florals for 10 years and dedicated my time right now to get you ready for Booming wedding season in 2021. 

Will help you to create a company of your dreams without stress making mistakes

   I created a mentorship program where i explain and guide you step by step  how i manage to book and deliver over 150 weddings a year.

So if you are interested in growing your floral business to the next level, to have fun and enjoy the process:


Check out my mentorship program below and hope i talk to you soon

In My course you will have the access to:


  • Legal work

  • How to generate leads

  • How to talk 

  • How to make profitable 

  • I'll teach you how to make beautiful high margin centerpieces.




10 video lessons: 


Intro. Where u at now. And where you will be after my course.


1. How to start Wedding Flowers business. 

     1.1 Legal.

      1.2  Website

      1.3 Studio  (Where to meet client, Where to create arrangements)

      1.4 Team


2. Marketing.

     2.1  Free advertisement

     2.2  Payed


3. How to create and calculate profitable and beautiful arrangements. Your Costs.

    3.1. Tall centerpiece (How to pick the right vase? Height. Material. Florals )

    3.2  Short centerpieces 

    3.3  Bridal bouquets 

    3.4  Hexagon Arch, round arch, chuppah, wooden arch 


4. Negotiations. Upsails.

    4.1. Proposals (Price to profit course)

    4.2  E-mails 

           4.2.1. First email (script)

           4.2.2. Follow up email (script)

    4.3  Meetings (script)


5. How to buy flowers and negotiate with wholesalers? 


6. Logistic (Timelines,  Set up at the  venue)


10 40 minutes phone calls ( you can ask me all the questions you have)