Becoming a mom is the unbelievable experience in life for every women.

   We are becoming more stronger and more mature, we learn to care and love unconditionally. We learn to have 5 minutes only  for ourselves from the whole day, to wake up every 30 minutes at night or not to sleep at all. We learn to manage 5 different things at the same time. 

Learn to have different attitude to things that before were not normal: like laundry overload or dishes and bottles everywhere, noon breakfasts, or 5 am breakfast.

   Then we learn to leave a normal life with a baby or babies by our side and can not imagine how it is without them. We manage to keep our house neat and cosy again and make it a peaceful place for a husband who comes in from work every day. 

   I was the one who was very frustrated in the beginning of motherhood, i had no job at that time and no idea how to handle things with baby and life) 

Time went by month by month and i learned to do all of the things with a baby. 

    And then i decided: I Need a plan of Action. A plan that will fulfill my ambitions and make me a business women and a mom. 

     A strategy and action has brought me to a beautiful company that fulfilled my passion as well as my ambition.  I am the person who never stops, i like discovering some new tops and my passions can change time to time with me growing. I am starting two new businesses aside of my flower business and will be managing and creating them all. You will see my steps and struggles and every day tasks that i hope will inspire you to be whom you want to be, to be unique and to bring light and joy. 

   Im inviting you to a wonderful journey of entrepreneurship, life planing, wellness, empowering, fun and creativity.