Busy moms get what they want, even when COVID19 hit us, we stay strong

Becoming a mom is the unbelievable experience in life for every women. We are becoming more stronger and more mature, we learn to care and love unconditionally. We learn to have 5 minutes only for ourselves from the whole day, to wake up every 30 minutes at night or not to sleep at all. We learn to manage 5 different things at the same time. Learn to have different attitude to things that before were no normal: like laundry overload or dishes and bottles everywhere, noon breakfasts, or 5 am breakfast. ​ ​ Then we learn to leave a normal life with a baby or babies by our side and can not imagine how it is without them. We manage to keep our house neat and cosy again and make it a peaceful pl

Your dream deserves more than a place in your imagination.

Too many of us world is so vulnerable right now and we don'd always see what really stays behind. We work too much, we don't pay attention to our emotional and physical health, don't pay attention to our own kids sometimes. Due to COVID19 Humanity suffered from job loses, income loses and difficulties with financial situation plus a lot of people suffered from this virus themselves. And i feel so sad about it as i was one of them who had to put all my plans and business goals behind to stay and wait for it to finish! But to think deeper, to see whats invisible and sometimes even right thinking will bring you something new and exciting. While everybody stayed home. I was dreaming. My dreams d

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