Stunning Eucalyptus Wedding Decor Ideas

Weddings have been hot for greenery ever since it was dubbed the Pantone color of the year in 2017. Simple and subtle, but still statement-worthy, this bloomless bounty has an organic feel and is budget friendly. While any form of this botanical look is just as beautiful as the next, the one we really can’t get enough of is eucalyptus. This dreamy leaf couldn’t be more diverse — it comes in a ton a of shapes and varieties, from seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus to true blue eucalyptus and gunni eucalyptus. Choose one or mix them together to add texture and color. Because of its wide selection, it’s also versatile when it comes to your wedding theme or style. It works just as wel

5 Weddings That Reignited Our Love of Mason Jars

Mason jars have undoubtedly become a wedding mainstay! The versatile vessels can be easily used as vases, candleholders, gifts for guests, or drinking glasses on the big day. Plus, they’re perfectly rustic, totally elegant, and pretty cute, if you ask us. Wondering why else these classic containers have so much staying power? Here are 5 weddings that make us love Mason jars as much as ever. 1. You can use mason jars as ceremony decor. Just wrap them up in a little lace, and you've got some rockin' aisle decorations. 2. Also they are perfect for centerpieces. Gold glass is the way to go. 3. Hang them from a chandelier for a shabby chic look. 4. What could possibly make us love twinkle lights

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