5 Stylish Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

Your grand entrance down the aisle is one of the most special (and most photographed!) moments during your wedding ceremony. Not to mention, you're actually going to make that trip twice — with the second being when you exit as a newlywed, of course. So, basically, wedding aisle decor is something that you want to think about. And just because you want to do something with it, doesn't mean it has to be extravagant. In fact, as Chic Flowers Company searched through real weddings, we found that we were especially drawn to the simple set-ups. Think bundles or greenery, romantic candles, rustic lanterns and more. So just keep reading for more wedding aisle decor ideas. 1. At this destination wed

4 Non-Floral Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Just as Beautiful as Blooms

We obviously love flowers as a wedding centerpiece mucho around these parts, but every now and then, it's great to see some innovative tablescape ideas that require no floral elements. Chic Flowers Company shares with 5 inspirational ideas for the modern bride (or bride on a budget) how to create a flowerless reception. 1. Crystals No, not the tacky bedazzling types (those you should stay FAR away from)—rather, the natural element kind. Have your planner go monochromatic (shades of only white would be perfect for a winter wedding) or choose a palette (pale blushes, deep greens) when choosing the crystals—you could even do a different colorway for the head table if you have one. Cluster them

5 Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing Wedding Flowers

We're not talking unsightly floral combinations here, but rather about the way brides approach meeting with their florists. To get the inside track on what to avoid and how to approach thinking about flowers for your wedding, we spoke to the oh-so-talented florist of San Diego Chic Flowers company. Take note, brides-to-be, there's a whole lot of super useful info packed into these 5 tips on what to avoid when choosing wedding flowers! 1. Unorganized Inspiration Boards When brides put together an inspiration board of their ideas, it can be quite helpful. However, if the collection of images doesn’t follow a theme within the same color palette and style, it can be confusing and more difficult

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