5 Creative Ceiling Centerpieces

Who says centerpieces are strictly reserved for reception tables? Draw guests' eyes upward with these showstopping ceiling installations that Chic Flowers Company finds for you. Shine On Light things up with an industrial installation made entirely from ornate glass bulbs strung at varying heights. Dream Weaver Suspend string lights and dream catchers from trees for a bohemian look that's totally DIY-able. Light As a Feather A rustic wood arch gets an eclectic upgrade thanks to striped feathers that add a pop of pattern and texture. Wild and Free Hanging amaranthus creates a whimsical, garden-inspired ceremony space. Freshly Picked Flower-filled hanging pots draw the eye up, and ensure guest

These Minimalist Wedding Centerpieces Prove That Less Is More

Sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to your wedding. Minimalism has been popping up everywhere lately, from the tiny-house movement and uniform dressing to Marie Kondo-inspired de-cluttering. This modern minimalist trend has also made its way to the weddings world and we're seeing more emphases on clean lines, sculptural details, and fluid silhouettes. If you're craving a simple and understated wedding-day look, then this minimalist-wedding trend is for you. But don't get us wrong — minimalism does not mean boring, stark-white walls and austere details. Rather, having a minimalist wedding means paring down all of the extra, unnecessary wedding "stuff" so that the few rema

Modern Ceremony Backdrops For Outdoor Weddings

If you’re getting married outdoors, it’s a good idea to create a focal point for your vow exchange to help ground the space. A striking ceremony backdrop will help set the scene for your vow exchange by adding a personal touch to the al fresco setting; plus, since it’s likely one of the first wedding decorations your guests will see, it’s also an opportunity to wow your guests with something unique and unexpected. If your wedding aesthetic skews more clean and modern, then you'll love these creative ceremony-backdrop ideas Chic Flowers Company has gathered below. From freestanding structures in geometric shapes like diamonds and triangles to a minimalist, oversize all-white frame, these mode

Super Chic Ways to Decorate Your Ceremony Aisle with Rugs

If you’re planning a boho-style wedding or just want to add some homey, eclectic flair to your celebration, we love the idea of decorating your ceremony aisle with mix-and-match rugs. The colorful, multi-patterned look makes for a surprisingly pretty ceremony aisle. If you’re exchanging vows in large, open setting, consider placing several rugs in varying sizes and shapes down the length of the entire aisle to help ground the space. Rugs also work well for indoor ceremonies, too—a few well-worn rugs placed along the aisle and up at the altar will add a cozy, down-home vibe to the overall ceremony aesthetic.Into this idea? Keep reading for some of our favorite ways to incorporate rugs into yo

How to Cut Wedding Flower Costs

Are "flowers" next on your to-do list? Make the most of your budget with these cost-cutting tips from the florist of San Diego Chic Flowers Company. 1. Use in-season or locally grown flowers. They're a much better value than the flown-in, hothouse varieties. 2. Holidays can affect prices. Around Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, general demand for flowers increases, as do their costs. On the other hand, if your wedding is held on a holiday, the church or reception site may already be festively decorated with flowers and lights and you'll need less adornment. 3. Add greenery — such as ivory or ferns — to a bouquet or the chuppah. Greenery looks lush, and you'll find it's less expen

Wedding Traditions From Around the World

So, you want to stage a wedding that’s symbolically rich and spiritually meaningful? Look into the marriage traditions of your families’ ethnic background, or borrow some from a faraway land. Chic Flowers Company found a few cultural customs that have tons of universal appeal — any of these ideas will turn a same-old, same-old celebration into something spectacular. 1. Henna Party The day before the wedding, brides from India, Morocco and some Middle Eastern nations gather their female relatives and close girlfriends for a “henna party.” During this intimate ritual, henna, a plant-derived dye mixture, is applied to the bride’s hands and feet in swirling floral patterns. The henna dries into

Things All Guests Love at Winter Weddings

There's nothing like cozy winter nuptials in a snow-covered locale, but if you're planning a winter wedding, there are a few extra things you may want to add to your guest list so that you can keep your guests happy (and warm) during your celebration. Whether you are hosting your wedding in a place known for its freezing temperatures or a place with more mild weather, Chic Flowers Company prepare 4 things your guests will want to have at your winter wedding. 1. An Outdoor Fire Pit If your venue allows it, having an outdoor fire pit is a great late-night pow-wow spot for your guests. They can head there with their post-reception coffee or even a final drink from the open bar while the wedding

Top Wedding Planning Myths

Not all wedding rules are written in stone. Here are a few you can feel free to ignore. 1. You have to wear a white dress. If the idea of a big, white dress and veil has never appealed to you, don't feel pressured into wearing one. Hair clips with feathers or even just a fresh flower (floral crowns) can replace a traditional veil, and there are plenty of bridal fashion designers who have created dresses in other colors – think: blush pink, dusty blue and even floral print. You can also add color (and personality) to a simple dress with a bold sash, bolero or cardigan. 2. If you went to their wedding, you have to invite them to yours. Don’t feel trapped into inviting someone just because they

5 Fall Wedding Colors That Are Beyond Gorgeous

With fall wedding season upon us, everyone in the Chiс Flowers Company wants to think about the delicious, rich colors that come with this season’s pretty palette. It’s no wonder that fall wedding’s are fast becoming the most popular time to get married—aside from the crisp weather and some of our favorite holidays, the colors that come with the changing of the season make for the perfect décor palette. Remember, don’t be scared to play around with what you may think are unexpected colors for the season you're getting married in—sometimes it just takes a little experimentation to get the perfect palette! 1. Black Black isn't just reserved for suits and tuxes! Add it to your tables with candl

These Paper Wedding Flowers Look Totally Real

Wilt-free and worry-free! Say hello to the wedding decor trend that's especially perfect for future brides who don't necessarily want to play by the rules—DIY paper flowers. Faux florals may instigate tacky visions of your local craft store that don't exactly scream wedding-worthy, but we're here to make an appealing case for the paper flower route. If you're still not sold on paper decor, or need some visual inspo to fuel your planning, we rounded up 4 DIY paper flower ideas, running the gamut from paper bridal bouquets to table centerpieces. 1. Boho Mauve Paper Bridal Bouquet This gorgeous purple bouquet looks so real, guests will never be able to tell that the blooms are actually made fr

Wedding Trend Alert: Dried Palm Leaves

Palm leaves are the perfect addition to a tropical or beach-themed wedding, and they’ve made appearances on everything from wedding stationery to the bridal bouquet and even the cake! But the latest take on palms is a little more surprising. Lately, florists have been incorporating palms in their dried form. Once they’re fully dry, palm leaves take on an entirely different personality, becoming more sculptural, wispy, frayed, and textured. Also, once palm fronds have dried, their bright-green color fades into softer, desaturated tones of mint, sage, taupe, and tobacco, which lend a lovely aged, earthy patina to floral arrangements. Keep reading for Chic Flowers Company favorite takes on thi

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