Valentine Flowers and their meanings

At any floral shop on Valentines day variety of roses is guaranteed. Although each color of rose and a shape of rose is associated with beauty, they also each hold unique symbolism. Impress your valentine by adding a special bit of meaning to the bouquet they receive! Lets take a look closer what roses mean in reality) Not just a beautiful flower, but also deep meaning! Lets shop for Roses on Valentines day, knowing what they mean!

Wedding Color Trends for 2017

Every Year is a bit different! It brings us new emotions, new life experiences, new people, new friends! We want everything to be a little different, we don't get excited for a long period of time about our new red dress or green boots, we always looking for something new, something different! The same with choosing a wedding color, it can be very hard to find perfect combination. Sometimes i like one color but how to choose a color it will go well with? In this article i decided to show some of colors "good to go with". Wedding needs to be in harmony, same as all life together needs to be in a harmony with yourself and your other half.

Bridal Bazaar is Coming to San Diego

Did you know That San Diego is 10th most popular wedding destination in entire world? Couples from all over dreaming to spend the most important day here. And where to start when you begin planing you best day? Thousands of brides every year are looking for their wedding inspirations, vendors and venues all in one place! The Bridal Bazaar is San Diego's #1 Bridal Show where you will see and experience everything you need to make your wedding day complete. This is San Diego's largest bridal show of the year, so you'll find more variety, more choices, and more inspiration to plan your day, your way. The Bridal Bazaar presents San Diego's largest and most complete wedding fashion show featuring

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